Welcome to The Clucking Chicken!


Welcome to BLESSING ACRES!!  Living a country life on a postage stamp plot in the beautiful hills of West Virginia.  Here is where you can meet Hazel, Harriet, Hateful Helen, Clover, Chloe, Buttercup, Nugget (aka Runt), Ethel, Daisy Mae, Ellie Mae, Laverne and Shirley, Tina EggTurner, Rosie, Red, and Gertie. These pages tell a story of 27 chickens and life in Ripley, WV.  Just chickens… some pups…  a LOT of bees.... nothing really deep – not even the bird poop!  So come along… we’ll sing the song…. and experience how one city slicker encounters urban chickens…

We have fun video cams around — just something that brings a smile to folks and makes it easy to check in on the girls to see what they are up too. So be sure to look around, learn a little about raising ‘city chicks’ and the difference between store bought eggs and homegrown, and enjoy watching the ladies — it’s a PEEP SHOW!